Kylie McEwan is a Director of Tax and Business Services who works with a range of clients, including business, individuals and families groups, helping them to achieve their financial success.

Every client is different and the financial goals and vision of financial success that each client has changes depending on the stage of life they are in, whether that be personally or business wise. Kylie believes that the key to each client’s financial success is having a partner that works with them and guides then on their journey and that is what Kylie does with her clients.

Kylie is passionate about what her clients do and is lucky enough to work in a role that means when her clients succeed, she gets to celebrate with them, knowing that she was part of their journey and pathway to that success.

“Life moves so fast these days and the one thing that everyone has the same amount of is time. It is a valuable resource and something that we cannot make more of unfortunately. Because our time is limited, it is important that we know what we want to achieve, by when and how we will achieve it”. Kylie believes that to do this each individual should find an advisor that they can have a great relationship with.

Kylie is a CPA and Associate of the Taxation Institute of Australia. Kylie has worked in public practice since 1999 and over this time has gained substantial knowledge and experience working in both taxation consulting and business advisory roles within Davidsons.

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and financial planning from Deakin University.