Superannuation is a tax-effective vehicle for building wealth in the longer term.

What are Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs)?

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) combine all the tax advantages of superannuation with greater flexibility in investment choice and access to a wider range of wealth building options than are available in public-offer superannuation funds.

Davidsons offers specialist SMSF services. Our SMSF team is highly technical and experienced and will work with you to establish your SMSF as well as provide a full ongoing SMSF administration service.

Based on a ‘Client First’ approach, our dedicated and specialist team is able to provide proactive solutions and advice on all aspects of SMSFs in a constantly changing legislative environment.

How can we help you with your SMSF?

We can assist you with the following SMSF services:

  • Assisting you with the establishment of your SMSF
  • Working with you to ensure your SMSF remains compliant with ever changing superannuation legislation
  • Providing “real time” financial reports so you can easily monitor the financial performance and asset allocation of your SMSF
  • Providing advice on any SMSF regulatory and compliance concerns your SMSF may encounter
  • Providing advice on the structuring options available for your next SMSF property purchase
  • Providing advice on how you can utilise your SMSF to facilitate family succession and intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Assisting with the establishment of pensions and advise on your eligibility to draw benefits from your SMSF
  • Monitoring of your annual contribution and pension limits
  • Working with you (and your solicitor) to provide guidance on how your super assets may be distributed on death
  • Providing SMSF Administration

SMSF Administration

Our SMSF Administration services include:

  • Preparing year-end financial statements for your SMSF
  • preparing and lodging the fund’s annual income tax and regulatory return
  • Satisfy new transfer balance account reporting (TBAR) measures with the ATO
  • Arranging an annual actuarial certificate
  • Arranging the statutory annual SMSF Audit
  • Updates to the Fund Deed and Trustee structure
  • Taking care of paperwork and calculations in relation to the commencement and maintenance of pensions
  • Preparing trustees’ minutes in relation to certain events
  • Other statutory obligations such as ASIC