This year Davidsons became a donor of Philanthropy 500 (P500).

What is Philanthropy 500?

An initiative of the Geelong Community Foundation, Philanthropy (P500) is a great starting point of a philanthropic journey. It harnesses the power of collective giving to fund transformative grants through the combined contributions of individuals, families and businesses.

How it works

P500 aims to highlight unmet needs in our community, to increase involvement in philanthropy across Geelong and support life-changing community programs. Their strategy is to make one primary grant each year and to grow an endowment fund collectively.

A $500 donation made by 150 people will be pooled to make a $37,500 grant to a local charity of the group’s choosing and to add $37,500 to the P500 endowment fund.

In 2017 the P500 grant provided to Gateways Support Services with the impact area of community wellbeing. In 2018, the P500 grant will focus on making a valuable impact on youth in the Geelong region in the areas of Education attainment and school completion, unemployment, mental health, housing, drugs and alcohol & community connections

Since starting 18 years ago the Foundation has provided grants to the Geelong Community of over $7.7m.

For more information visit Geelong Community Foundation