(L-R Amy Waters, Gail Rodgers and Tony McManus from the Geelong Community Foundation)

As long-time supporters of the Geelong Community Foundation, we at Davidsons recognise the vital work they do for our region. In this article, we want to spotlight this fantastic organisation and explain the benefits of philanthropic giving, especially at tax time. 

What is the Geelong Community Foundation?  

The Geelong Community Foundation is a non-profit organisation that facilitates philanthropic giving to enhance our local community.  

In plain terms, they make it easy for individuals, families and businesses to donate funds to benefit the Geelong community now and into the future. Your donation becomes part of a fund that’s invested to grow over time. The Foundation distributes the earnings to local community organisations (aka grant partners) in areas like aged care, community wellbeing, training and education, family support, the environment, health, heritage and the arts, research and innovation, and youth services. By pooling donations, the Foundation ensures your money has the greatest possible impact. 

In 2024, the Foundation approved a record $1.4 million in grants to 50 grant partners, focusing on initiatives that respond to the rising cost of living or support physical and mental health and social connection. 

Why donate to the Geelong Community Foundation this tax time?  

The Geelong Community Foundation provides a simple, effective and rewarding way to give back to your local community while reducing your tax liabilities.  

Here are some of the benefits of supporting the Foundation:  

  • Non-institutional and unbiased giving: The GCF is independent and offers a fair, cost-effective and flexible way to give. 
  • Expertise and confidence: With its deep knowledge of charitable giving and understanding of our community’s needs, the Geelong Community Foundation ensures your donations make a real difference. Its 2023-24 Vital Signs report is a great resource that highlights its expertise. 
  • Impactful journey: The Geelong Community Foundation keeps donors informed about how their gifts are making an impact, creating a sense of community and shared purpose. 
  • Quick and easy setup: There’s still time to set up a fund with GCF before the end of the financial year. Unlike private ancillary funds (PAFs), there’s no need to establish a new trust or trustee company, so there are no setup costs or complicated procedures. 

Your donation isn’t just a transaction – it’s an ongoing opportunity to see real change take place in your community. 

Interested in learning more about the Geelong Community Foundation? 

Donating to the Geelong Community Foundation is a simple yet powerful tax mitigation strategy that also benefits your community. At Davidsons, we believe in the power of giving and are proud to partner with an organisation that makes a meaningful impact in our region. 

To learn more, feel free to reach out to the Geelong Community Foundation’s Development Manager, Tony McManus at tony@geelongfoundation.org or on 0417 334 434. You can also read their 2024-25 Vital Signs report for more information on the challenges facing our region. 

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This article was written by Director Kylie McEwan.  

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is factual in nature and objectively ascertainable and, therefore, does not constitute financial product advice. Importantly, the factual information that has been supplied does not take into account your personal circumstances, objectives or goals.