The ATO has brought in an exemption to help prevent the breaching of Superannuation concessional contribution caps by individuals who have multiple employers and are likely to receive over $25,000 in superannuation guarantee contributions in a financial year.

All employers are required to pay 9.5% of an employee’s salary or wage directly to a superannuation fund (known as Superannuation Guarantee or SG) as concessional (pre tax) contributions. However, if the total of SG contributions is greater than $25,000 in a financial year, the employee will have the excess over $25k added on to their taxable income and be taxed at their marginal rate.

The employer is obligated to make these payments even if it causes the employee to exceed the concessional contribution cap.

Individuals with more than one employer, who expect their employers’ SG contributions will exceed their concessional contributions cap for a financial year, are now able to apply for an exemption certificate to release some of their employers from their SG obligations. The Individual will still need to receive SG payments from at least one employer.

Applications are to be submitted by the individual to the ATO for each quarter at least 60 days before the start of the quarter for which the exemption is sought.

The exemption certificate does not prevent the employer from making super contributions on behalf of the employee or change the employer’s obligations under a workplace award or agreement. It merely prevents the employer being penalised for not contributing the superannuation guarantee. Employees will need to discuss their remuneration with their employers before making an application as any changes to pay and entitlements need to be negotiated.

This exemption may not be the best option for everyone who’s eligible. Things to consider are employment arrangements, such as how pay and other entitlements may change and the effect of any relevant award or workplace agreement applicable to the individual.

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