SME business owners are passionate about their businesses, and when we talk to business owners they always have great ideas about how to grow their business.

The enthusiasm goes beyond owners. Surveys (with 181 Australian and New Zealand SMEs in the period 1 January to 21 June 2019) show that more than half (57%) of business owners believe their staff are engaged to grow their business.

But perhaps business owners are not making the most of their opportunities. Only 33% of those owners had made Growth Plans.

To make the best use of your staff’s enthusiasm, you need to have a plan. Planning is important, because it helps you communicate your goals, and balance your competing priorities. Most important of all, it allows you to measure your progress.

We can help you take the next step and convert your growth ideas to a concrete plan, complete with measurable KPIs.

At Davidsons we advocate the use of a “One Page Plan”. One A3 size sheet which encapsulates:

  • Your “Why” you are in Business Statement
  • Your “Core” Values and Beliefs.
  • Your “Critical” components normally people and process.
  • Your “Key” Initiatives and Metrics
  • Your “Action” Deadlines and Responsibilities

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