As part of our Community Engagement Strategy, the team at Davidsons has established a Named Sub fund with the Geelong Community Foundation (GCF).

Established in 2001 the GCF now has a corpus of $25,200,000 under management which has enabled it to announce at its Annual Grants Reception a distribution of $1,014,000 to be shared across 57 community organisations in the Greater Geelong Region. $8.8m has been granted to organisations since inception.

Established mature businesses or philanthropic individuals can establish their own sub fund (minimum of $10,000 over 5 years) at the GCF now via our online portal and make a fully tax deductible donation pre 30th of June.

Entry level philanthropy is also most welcome by engaging with our Philanthropy 500 program (P500) with an annual (tax deductible) contribution of $500 also via the same online platform.

If more information is required Tony McManus, the GCF Development Manager can be contacted:

Phone: 0417 33 44 34 or at

Support #GeelongsBestKeptSecret before 30th June 2019