1. What is your role at Davidsons?
    At Davidsons I am one of the Tax and Business Service Directors with a twist of Tax Consulting thrown in from time to time. My role as a Director of Davidsons means I wear many hats.  I partner with my clients to guide them on their journey to financial success, I mentor and develop my team members to help them achieve their career plans and goals and I am a business owner which brings with it a host of responsibilities but also enjoyment, learnings and experience for me to share with my clients and team members every day.
  2. What made you choose accounting as a career?
    I chose accounting or maybe accounting chose me. My accounting teacher back in high school once said that “some people are born to be accountants, they just get it”. That comment, in hindsight, has always resonated with me but to be honest I did not go straight into accounting after high school, it found me some years later and led me back to university to get my degree and ultimately to where I am today.  I think the thing I enjoy most about accounting is that it encompasses so many things.  It is not just about tax returns or crunching numbers, it is about being a trusted advisor for your clients and helping them with all facets of their financial affairs.  It is the ability to make a difference and go on the journey with clients, celebrating the successes with them and navigating through the hard times together.
  3. Why do your clients love you?
    This is a hard question to answer about myself but I would say the reason is that the work I do with my clients I do as if it is my own business. I don’t clock on at 9am and clock off at 5pm, I am in it with my clients 24/7.
  4. How would your team describe you?
    The team would describe me as the person to go to if you need something done. An inspirational leader who enables others to achieve their goals by nurturing and supporting them on their journey. Leads by example by going above and beyond.
  5. What is something people might not know about you? 
    Something you may not know about me is I like to cook and without sounding like I have tickets on myself, everyone says I am pretty good at it! I know for a lot of people they see cooking as a chore but I use it to help me wind down after a day at the office and move into family mode for the evening and I enjoy finding new recipes to try and challenge myself to attempt something new.  The family mostly enjoy what I produce, apart from the fussy one, but she is getting better at requesting more than just chicken nuggets as she gets older.
  6. How do you spend your weekends?
    My weekends are spent mostly with family and friends. As I mentioned earlier I do enjoy cooking so I like to extend my culinary skills on a weekend when I have more time in the kitchen and not rushing to get a week night meal on the table at a reasonable hour.  With the many hats I wear at Davidsons I sometimes need to fit a little bit of work in over the weekend but I value time away from the office to recharge with those that I love.
  7. What do you love about working at Davidsons?
    Having just celebrated being at Davidsons for 20 years, the thing I can say I love the most about my career at Davidsons is the chance I have had to reinvent my role on multiple occasions. 20 years at the one place is a long time but over my journey I have worked in different teams, with different clients and had different roles along the way which has meant I have been able to keep things fresh and vibrant career wise.  A huge part of Davidsons is its people and I am proud to be part of a business that works with our people to ensure they are engaged and motivated to continually develop and explore opportunities through tailored career paths and an open and honest culture.


Kylie McEwan is a Director of Tax and Business Services who works with a range of clients, including business, individuals and families groups, helping them to achieve their financial success.

Every client is different and the financial goals and vision of financial success that each client has changes depending on the stage of life they are in, whether that be personally or business wise. Kylie believes that the key to each client’s financial success is having a partner that works with them and guides then on their journey and that is what Kylie does with her clients.

Kylie is passionate about what her clients do and is lucky enough to work in a role that means when her clients succeed, she gets to celebrate with them, knowing that she was part of their journey and pathway to that success.

“Life moves so fast these days and the one thing that everyone has the same amount of is time. It is a valuable resource and something that we cannot make more of unfortunately. Because our time is limited, it is important that we know what we want to achieve, by when and how we will achieve it”. Kylie believes that to do this each individual should find an advisor that they can have a great relationship with.

Kylie is a CPA and Associate of the Taxation Institute of Australia. Kylie has worked in public practice since 1999 and over this time has gained substantial knowledge and experience working in both taxation consulting and business advisory roles within Davidsons.

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and financial planning from Deakin University.