1. What is your role at Davidsons?

At Davidsons I have been provided the privilege of holding the position of Managing Director since March 2017. I have been with the firm since November 1997.

  1. What made you choose accounting as a career?

I chose my career pathway in Accounting as it provided me the opportunity to work directly with people in business. The mechanics and intricacies of a business have always been of great interest. To be a small part of the journey with clients that experience the highs and lows that come with operating a business can be extremely satisfying. The relationships you develop and the connections you create at times go beyond just being their Accountant.

  1. Why do your clients love you?

Along with my role as Managing Director I also work with a great team of professionals whom each and every day strive to provide a high level of service to our client base. The team delivers services ranging from taxation compliance obligations, business advice, financial forecasting, business structuring and more recently helping business navigate through the maze of Government incentives and concessions.

  1. How would the team describe you?

I have a team that are all personally driven to be the best professionals they can which makes it very easy to lead. I think they would describe my leadership qualities as one of support, guidance and empowerment.

  1. How do you spend your weekends?

When I am not at work my time is spent with my wife Nicole and 2 adult daughters being Tayla and Paige. I also spend too much time, at least that is what Nicole would say, on the Golf Course pursuing my other life obsession. There is something about the game of Golf that has always attracted me to it. One day I will get to experience that perfect round or even possibly a hole in one (I have only been trying for 35 years to date).

  1. What do you love about working at Davidsons?

The Davidsons business has been a significant part of my personal and professional life. It has provided opportunities both personally and professionally that I certainly did not envisage or expect. In my time, Davidsons has had many people come and go all of whom have contributed in some way to the business it is today. The business is blessed with several long-term team members and many clients that have been with the firm through multiple generations both of which in no small part make the business what it is today.


Prior to his career in accountancy, Justin worked in a sales and management position within the building and construction industry. This background provides Justin with a broad understanding of the financial and business issues facing this sector.

He has strong technical knowledge of the taxation issues associated with Property Developers, Builders and other business operating within the Construction sector.

Justin’s ability to analyse the revenue drivers of a business and ascertain the extent of untapped growth potential is highly regarded by clients. The outcomes he achieves with his clients centre on creating and protecting wealth.

Extending his skills from the business world into the community, Justin is a former Board member of the Headspace Barwon Foundation and is also a graduate of the Leaders for Geelong Program.

Justin joined Davidsons in 1997, became a Director in 2007 and was recently appointed Managing Director. Justin is a Certified Practicing Accountant.