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Davidson's clients are diverse. We have specialty teams well versed in the unique issues faced by individuals and by business in every stage, from start-ups to large, established firms.

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Sophisticated Investors

We understand you

Davidsons are experts in the special needs of high net worth individuals and families.

We work with our clients to earn their trust and we focus on family and protection of assets.

You need to:

How we help:

Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, with a focus on family and exploring the world.

Our wealth management services team focus on building a solid, long-term investment strategy that will facilitate your chosen lifestyle.

Control and manage tax payments.

Our extensive Taxation Services include taxation administration, residency and international taxation, taxation planning, tax consulting and advisory, returns and BAS preparation, business and investment structure advice, taxation services – income Tax, CGT, GST and FBT.

Maintain a strong asset-to-debt ratio.

Our Business Services team specialise in risk management. The Audit & Assurance Services offered by Davidsons provide traditional audit services and those concerned with forensic and fraud reviews, to protect your assets and businesses.

Seek out new investment opportunities.

Davidsons’ partners and staff are well-connected, and we often link our investor clients with other like-minded individuals and aligned opportunities.

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Over the 50 plus years my family and I have been clients of Davidsons we have developed close working relationships with several of Davidsons staff. We have always found them to be friendly and very personable. I feel comfortable dealing with the Davidsons staff and so do my family. Davidsons are excellent at facilitating family business and financial discussions. They always provide timely advice, are very honest and they achieve good results.

Now that I am a retiree it is more important than ever that I have confidence in my Accountant. Davidsons have my confidence and that of my wife and family. We know they will always be professional and are responsive to our queries.

Graeme Goldsworthy

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