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Davidson's clients are diverse. We have specialty teams well versed in the unique issues faced by individuals and by business in every stage, from start-ups to large, established firms.

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For Purpose (Not For Profit)

We understand you

Davidsons are the experts in the for purpose (not for profit) sector.

We provide tailored services to this sector, drawing on experience gained through our long history of servicing our clients, and via our staff voluntarily occupying Board and committee positions. We take the stress and anxiety away, leaving you to pursue your organisation's important work.

You need to:

How we help:

Meet your financial reporting obligations, and ensure you have adequate cashflow.

Davidsons Business Services team will ensure you meet your financial reporting obligations, particularly in relation to budgets, cashflow, forecasting, governance, business system reviews, dashboard reporting and risk management.
Our Taxation Services team are experts in for purpose tax issues.
Our Audit & Assurance Services tailored to for purpose organisation include statutory audits, funding acquittals, sales audits and stock controls, internal audit, risk assessments, due diligence, forensic and fraud reviews, financial governance, statutory and government reporting.

Mitigate risk and instill a strong corporate governance regime.

We mitigate your exposure to risk through our knowledge of contemporary corporate governance practices.

Ensure sound Governance and board reporting.

We understand for purpose organisations can experience challenges in attracting Board members. Davidsons can assist with ensuring you have excellent governance and board reporting systems in place. This is important as quality board member candidates are interested in joining well managed Boards.

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Davidsons have provided pro-bono auditing services to the Kids Plus Foundation for many years. Davidsons also support Kids Plus by attending, sponsoring and participating in our events and fundraising initiatives. Davidsons’ generous donations of time, services and financial assistance is very much appreciated. There is no doubt we could not accomplish as much as we do without such contributions. On behalf of the Kids Plus Foundation we thank Davidsons for their ongoing professional, conscientious and generous support.

Shaun Cannon
Chief Executive, Kids Plus Foundation

Brian McMahon

With Davidsons supporting Diversitat’s Pulse Community Radio station, it was natural we approached them when we needed to appoint a new auditor last year. I have been impressed with how quickly Davidsons became familiar with our organisation. They have quite a few not-for-profit clients, so they definitely know the sector well.

We also appreciated the way the audit was managed in two stages. This gave us plenty of notice and time to prepare well. The two stage audit management approach enabled our staff to continue their normal work and proved to be less disruptive overall.

Brian McMahon
Financial Controller, Diversitat

Phil Clohesy Image

Davidsons are not afraid to tell it like it is. They are prepared to make recommendations that maybe challenging in the short term but will ensure the organisation’s long term sustainability.

They are recognised as industry leaders within both the financial accounting sector and within the Geelong region. Davidsons have a well deserved reputation as a firm that provides thorough, professional audits and sound, reliable advice. 

Additionally, when undertaking audits, I have always found Davidsons to be diligent in ensuring the work is completed in a timely manner. This means that our annual report can be prepared without delay. 

Phil Clohesy
General Manager, Royal Geelong Yacht Club Inc

Andrew Lawson Image

The Geelong Community Foundation has always had a good experience with Davidsons and I am happy to recommend them.

For over 10 years Davidsons have been our auditors. The Davidsons audit team are technically competent and good to work with. Audits are planned well, timely and Davidsons are quick to respond if we have a query. Davidsons are thorough and I can always count on them to do their job well.

Andrew Lawson
Former Executive Officer, Geelong Community Foundation Ltd

Liz Price Image

Our relationship with Davidsons is flexible and has evolved over time, as our organisation has grown.

When Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Ltd was established our team was much smaller and we relied on Davidsons to perform operational bookkeeping tasks.

As we grew Davidsons were happy to advise us on the appointment of internal bookkeeping and accounting staff. They helped us train and mentor our people.

Now the work Davidsons undertake for us is more strategic in nature, focusing on providing advice on funding models, budgets and governance. In addition to our regular scheduled meetings, I know I can always pick up the phone and discuss new opportunities and issues.

We view Davidsons as a valuable extension of our team. 

Liz Price
General Manager, Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Ltd

Chris Hudgell Image

Davidsons’ experience and knowledge of accounting for the Aged Care sector mean that when they carry out our annual audits and prepare our annual financial accounts they do so efficiently and they are able to meet our schedules.

In addition to conducting our audits for over 10 years, Davidsons also provide general salary packaging advice, prepare acquittals and assist with our prudential compliance. Also Davidsons Director, Stephen Wight’s guidance has been much appreciated. Stephen has presented to our Board of Directors which has improved our understanding of Financial Reporting Governance.

Overall, I recommend Davidsons because they provide MACS with good value for money and professional service.



Chris Hudgell
Business Manager, Multicultural Aged Care Services

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