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Davidson's clients are diverse. We have specialty teams well versed in the unique issues faced by individuals and by business in every stage, from start-ups to large, established firms.

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Chinese Business Community

We understand you

Davidsons has a thorough understanding of Chinese culture and the specific needs to support Chinese business activity in Australia. We have staff who have originated from China, and all our staff are well-placed to assist you through your Australian business/wealth journey.

You need to:

How we help:

Have an accounting advisory team that you are able to easily communicate with and who understands the Chinese culture.

The Davidsons team servicing our Chinese business community clients are well versed in the Chinese culture and many are fluent Chinese language speakers.

Effectively and efficiently manage your Australian business affairs.

We offer traditional accountancy services, together with outsourced family office finance services via our Business Services team.

Focus on tax minimisation.

At Davidsons we specialise in tax mitigation, tax deferment and minimisation. Our tax experts provide tax consulting and advisory services, business and investment structure advice and accounting and tax compliance.

Build wealth.

The Davidsons team servicing our Chinese business community clients liaise with our experts in the areas of asset protection, succession planning for inter-generational wealth transition, wealth generation and investment management.