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Business Advisory Services

We understand the challenges facing business owners so we offer small, SME and multi-owned businesses a unique service to reduce their risks and run a better business, 

Our solution to achieve these goals is the Better Business Program.

Key outcomes include: 

  • Analysing and benchmarking your key business risk and value drivers 
  • Preparing a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis for your business
  • Successfully resolving and documenting key improvement strategies for your business, all aimed at achieving financial independence and security. 

Our Better Business Program is delivered in a time frame that works for you and we offer ongoing support to ensure your action plans are implemented and goals realised.


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Our clients work with Davidsons to measure, manage and improve their business. Whether you are growing your business, improving cash flow, attracting or motivating staff, reducing business risk or looking at your succession plan – we can help you.

Our tailored advice, guides you through many issues. We provide tangible outcomes to improve your business. We are engaged across a wide range of sectors.

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  • Business Valuation/Due Diligence

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    Many business owners do not know the actual value of their business. We use a number of tools to develop an accurate and realistic value of the business.

    From here we can determine what action is required to meet your goals.

    A business valuation will help you plan for your retirement, succession planning, meet bank lending requirements, facilitate a sale or change in shareholders/owners.

    Our process meets the new International and Australian APES 225 Standards. We determine the most appropriate method of valuation based on an understanding of the industry and the reason for the valuation. We then assess the financial data and eliminate any non relevant transactions and non business assets.

    We are able to provide you with details of maintainable earnings and a calculated multiple of earnings to provide a sound set of assumptions for our business valuation.

    Contact Davidsons now for a demonstration of our Business Valuation Assessment tools

  • Budget/Cash Flows/Forecasts

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    If your business does not have a budget to hold your financial performance to account, then costs could spiral out of control, affecting profitability and cash flow.

    Cash flow is the one of the biggest problems facing businesses. Planning your cash flow position is a key pillar of financial success.

    If you need to look forward, forecasting can be a powerful tool to assist businesses in identifying how changes to key financial data will effect results in the future. Forecasting can be used to assess whether budgets are likely to be met, for a particular transaction or re-casting numbers based on new assumptions.

    If you need assistance in setting up budgets, cash flows or forecasts, Contact Davidsons to discuss how to improve the financial management of your business.

  • Business Planning

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    We advise clients on how to maximise the value of their business as they approach retirement or look to begin a new venture.

    Succession planning is usually a 2 to 3 year timeframe to plan and execute properly. Our services address:

    • Is the Business Growing or Going?
    • What is the value of your business?
    • Are you going to walk away or attempt to sell?
    • How does your family view your business?
    • Have you identified a successor?

    The Succession and Transition Program enables you to discover how you can pass on your business ownership and management responsibilities in a structured, seamless, effective manner and, importantly, on your terms.

    Our Life Planning Program may also assist in promoting discussion on all the business, personal and family factors that need to be considered when developing a plan for the future.

    Contact Davidsons now for more information.

  • Board of Advice Service

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    Many business owners spend too much time working ‘in’ and not ‘on’ their business. We provide your Board with an objective and independent viewpoint around future growth improvement, succession, governance and estate planning aspirations.

    Contact Davidsons now for more information.

  • Staff Value Programs

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    The Staff Value Program delivers a structured framework and disciplines of managing staff, helping you to attract, retain and manage your staff productivity.

    The Staff Value Program will deliver:

    • Improved staff morale
    • Increased focus and engagement regarding achieving business targets.
    • Lower absenteeism, lower recruitment and training costs for new staff
    • Less stress for your clients
    • A better performing business
    • Alignment between business and staff objectives and a more profitable and valuable business

    Contact Davidsons now for more information on how to get advice and support to improve staff attraction, retention and motivation.

  • VIBA Process (Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice)

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    The VIBA process is a stage by stage process comprising off:

    Our clients work with Davidsons to measure, manage and improve their business across a wide range of areas including:

    • Growing sales, improving profits and cash flow
    • Attracting, retaining and motivating staff
    • Reducing key business risks and protecting assets
    • Protect and grow business value
    • Reducing stress, enjoying a better and more balanced lifestyle

    Contact Davidsons now to learn more about the Needs Review process.

  • Business Value Assessment

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  • Valuation Comparison

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    • Do you need more comfort around your business cap rate/profit multiple calculation when you perform business valuations?
    • Does your current business valuation process consider a business qualitative value driver risks?

    Davidsons Knowledge Bank Valuation Benchmarks provide you with accurate, real time benchmarking information so we can validate our assessment of value and identify future value improvement opportunities.

    Contact Davidsons now for more information on how to access the most accurate, real time valuation benchmarks.

  • Value Gap Analysis

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    How many SME’s are owner operators and are relying on the sale of their business to fund part or all of their retirement?
    The answer is many, and it’s more than likely they have a business value gap risk – that is they cannot afford to retire?

    A Business Value Gap is the gap between the owner’s current business value and the value needed (‘Required Growth in Business Value’) at time of sale/retirement for an owner to enjoy their desired standard of living/fund their next business venture.

    Contact Davidsons now for a demonstration of the Business Value Gap Calculator and find out when you can afford to sell and the potential profit.

  • Profit Optimisation

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    When businesses make financial decisions, such as a change to product pricing, it is important to understand the effect on other variable costs and trading results. Completing a "what if" analysis will assist businesses understand the potential impact changes will have on their business performance.

    Davidsons Profit Optimisation assists you in mapping out the effect of potential changes in your business and the impact.. Profit Optimiser helps you understand how much to charge for your products to cover variable costs and make enough profit margin to cover your fixed costs.

    To find out more Contact Davidsons and optimise the profit in your business.

  • Benchmarks

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    Davidsons Knowledge Bank data goes far beyond benchmarking. With the support of our extensive external network we have been able to capture, analyse and produce comprehensive data on:

    • Trends in industry/business conditions
    • Valuation and Business Cap Rate multiples
    • An industry’s top 18 financial growth, profitability and cash flow KPIs
    • Specific benchmarks for a range of industries

    We can produce both industry and individual business reports and are able to compare your business with industry peers across a variety of variables.

    Contact Davidsons to find out more about benchmarking your business.

    Davidsons are accredited VIBA advisers