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Firm Culture

Where leaders are raised

Davidsons strives to make our company a great place to work. Our leaders are proven mentors and bring out the best in people, enabling them to shine. We run a tailored professional development program so that all our staff maintain and build their knowledge in an ever-changing regulatory environment. And we surround ourselves with highly motivated staff that are technical experts and are naturally driven by success.

Our training

Every Davidsons team member is required to undertake a compulsory level of professional development training each year. The training consists of two components, our formal internal training program and the structured education program conducted depending on the team member’s speciality.

How we appraise and recognise our people

Our unique Davidsons Appraisal and Recognition process is designed to maximise leadership and continuously improve the values, behaviours and cultural climate of our workplace. After all, we believe our leaders’ behaviours shape our corporate climate, which in turn can motivate staff, increase client satisfaction and lead to increases in overall performance. Our process has four core components: empathy, clarity, engagement and learning